5 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

A set of three outdoor lights with Grumpy Cat with a Santa hat and green-and-red scarf.

Hello bad Christmas decorations! Grumpy Cat outdoor lights are just a few of the terrible holiday décor out there. Please stay away.

Something about decorating for the holidays has a way of bringing out the special magic of this time of year.

Favorite ornaments bring smiles to loved ones faces. A sprig of mistletoe instantly dresses up a lonely doorway. Twinkling outdoor lights spread holiday cheer with the entire neighborhood.

Not so with these awful holiday decorations.

Guaranteed to make people uncomfortable and ruin the joyful feelings of the season, these “ironic,” weird and just plain horrible decorations do not say “peace on earth” and joy to men.

Christmas tree ornament of Star Trek’s Dr. Spock and Captain Kirk fighting to the death.

1. Spock & Kirk Battling to the Death Tree Ornament

You can buy this little beauty and it will only set you back $70. But, really, we just want them to get along!

Set of sexy mermen ornaments. Mermen are shirtless or have button down shirts open to expose six packs.

2. Sexy Mermen Christmas Tree Ornaments

Nothing says Christmas like a bunch of mermen with six-pack abs. Nothing.

Misspelling of Merry Christmas spray painted in red and green on to a piece of plywood. Spelled as Mary Krismas.

3. This DIY Fail

Friends do not let friends make Christmas decorations drunk.

A set of three outdoor lights with Grumpy Cat with a Santa hat and green-and-red scarf.

4. Grumpy Cat Outdoor Lights

Grumpy Cat met Santa once. It was awful.

A vintage Santa sits in a chair with a brass bell in one hand and glowing eyes.

5. Demon Santa

Ho Ho NO! Did the elves go one step far? Did Rudolph send his blinking abilities to Santa?

In our series of bad holiday decorations, this squirrel in white underpants ornament is one of the worst ornament ideas.

6. A Squirrel in Tighty Whities

This is why we cannot have nice things.

Be sure not to use these pesky decorations in your home, office and, well, just don’t. Have fun, be quirky, but keep your sanity and stick to less obnoxious items to deck your halls with this season.

Happy holidays! What was the worst Christmas decoration you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments below.
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