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Learn More About Faber Builders

  • Faber Builders, Inc. was founded in 1983.
  • Faber Builders, Inc. are custom built by superior craftspeople, using proven construction methods, state-of-the-art materials and technology.
  • Faber Builders, Inc. believes in flexibility, and as such, offers more than 40 floor plans.
  • Faber Builders, Inc. quickly developed a reputation as a quality builder standing solidly behind its work

About Faber Builders

The roots of Faber Builders, Inc. go back to 1905, when the Iacovangelo family made Rochester their home. Generations later in 1983, Frank, Anthony and Bernie Iacovangelo founded Rochester’s premier homebuilder. For more than 30 years, Faber Builders, Inc. has perfected the art of home construction, and from their own backyards, the Iacovangelo family has contributed to the beauty and growth of Rochester by providing hundreds of families with their dream homes. Now solely operated by Bernie Iacovangelo, Faber Builders, Inc. stands behind each and every custom home. From site selection in any of Faber Homes’ three neighborhoods to model planning, and final finishing touches, families can be assured the building process will be seamless and the final product exactly as envisioned. After all, Faber Builders, Inc. is not only a builder, but its employees are your neighbors.