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What Homeowners Have to Say About Fulton Homes in Phoenix-Mesa

Read the 253 homeowner reviews of Fulton Homes's new homes in the Phoenix Mesa area. Phoenix Mesa homeowners rated Fulton Homes an average 4.3 stars for the quality of their new homes and their commitment to customer service. You can read all of Fulton Homes’s reviews, to learn why their homeowners loved working with them, and why you should partner with them build your dream home.

4.3 out of 5 stars
in the Phoenix-Mesa area

253 Reviews - 13 Communities

5 ★(155)

4 ★(47)

3 ★(28)

2 ★(15)

1 ★(8)

Quality 4.2

Trustworthiness 4.3

Value 4.3

Responsiveness 4.1

Fulton Homes - I would recommend getting a home inspection.

Quality 1

Trustworthiness 1

Value 3

Responsiveness 1

  • Lilia R.
  • Goodyear, AZ
  • December 04, 2020

I would recommend getting a home inspection..they will not repair anything even if they acknowledge the item was defective

Fulton Homes responded:
We agree that getting a home inspection is a good idea. If there are any items that need attention, please go to your MyFultonHome account and let us know. We want you to have everything in top condition in your Fulton Home. Thank you for responding to our survey.

Fulton Homes fultonhomes
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Terrible quality. Not proud to own...

Quality 2

Trustworthiness 1

Value 2

Responsiveness 1

  • Slawomir S.
  • Maricopa, AZ
  • November 17, 2020

The worst experience ever... Uneven walls, terrible wall texture, painters who don't know how to paint, sticking out nails, leaking faucets, water damagein brand new cabinets...I can keep on going...Our doors were never painted just primed. Same with bathroom ceilings. Past 30 days after closing, and stuff still not fixed. Always excuses. I wish Mr. Fulton could come and see quality of his houses, but I think he is more busy counting his money...My invite stays open for him. Advice to every buyer, don't sign anything until they'll fix everything. Once they have your money, their attitude changes. ... More

Fulton Homes purchase

Quality 1

Trustworthiness 1

Value 1

Responsiveness 1

  • Anonymous
  • Queen Creek, AZ
  • May 26, 2020

In my opinion, worst build quality I've ever seen from a builder who extols its virtues as a quality home builder. Regardless if new construction, use a reputable home inspection service and demand from builder accountability for any anomalous conditions inspection may reveal. For me, that's when Fulton representatives went into denial/excuse mode. My advice is, once buyer gets past builder's denial narrative, either walk away from purchase or remain and document defects and demand redress in a timely fashion. If I knew then what I know now about Fulton Homes poor build quality, I would've run, not walked away from purchase. ... More

Fulton Homes responded:
We are sorry that we did not meet your expectations with regards to the construction of your home. . Please go onto your MyFultonHome as list any items that you are concerned with.

Fulton Homes fultonhomes
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