Daytona Beach Home Builders

With such close access to the Atlantic ocean Daytona Beach, Florida has become a sought out destination but thanks to the largest builders in the area you have a chance to own your own home here. Paytas Homes, ICL Homes, and Vanacore Homes have each built homes in over 7 different communities in the area.

A trip down highway 95 and you will run into a number of different homes built by these homebuilders. From Palm Coast to New Smyrna Beach the highway is decorated with the beautiful and high-quality homes that could be yours.

People looking to build a new house in Daytona Beach can choose from 51 homebuilders to help make their dream home a reality. These Daytona Beach builders have a passion for quality construction, and have 1,371 new homes available for sale in 113 Daytona Beach communities.

Prices for new homes for sale in Daytona Beach range from $150,000 to $1,999,999. Because Daytona Beach has a diverse collection of homebuilders, home shoppers can easily find a builder that has a floorplan they love within their budget.

Large Daytona Beach homebuilders have large floorplan libraries that encompass a wide range of home styles, and can further customize their plans to meet your needs. Daytona Beach’s custom homebuilders can also design a beautiful new home for your needs.

With beautiful beach styles and colors the homes in Daytona Beach match its environment perectly. Coral colors and window shades decorate most of the homes with large archway entrances and rounded sun rooms with full length windows. The homes here will give you the feeling of a vacation while being in the comfort of your home.

Builders in the location: