Why Single Women Should Build Custom Homes

A young, single female stands outside her new home with the keys in her hand.

Calling all the single ladies! We break down why a custom home could be the perfect choice for you.

Is it only couples and those approaching retirement who buy new homes? Definitely not! Statistics from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University say one in five home buyers is a single woman, and that single women make up more than one-third of growth in real estate ownership since 1994 -- and many of them are opting to build their own custom home.

What makes building a custom home a great choice for single ladies? Well the simplest answer is this: You can have everything you want, exactly how you want it.

If you are a woman looking to build a new home, here’s why a custom home may be a great idea for you and your future:

1. You can create your perfect floorplan.

From a home office to entertaining spaces to yoga rooms, women have their own specific needs for a home’s layout. A custom build from the bottom up lets you design a home that meets your specific lifestyle. Research has shown that many single women are also seeking smaller homes, and if that’s of interest to you, too, a custom build will help you create a home for whatever size the lot allows.

2. You can make it your own.

With a custom-built home, you can express yourself through every little detail, from the faucets to doorknobs to lighting and appliances. Women are already taking it upon themselves to build and customize all kinds of living spaces. Blogger Carolyn Monto Barranca chronicles her process of building a retirement home from scratch, including her dreams for location, home style, and specific features like an outdoor balcony overlooking the river.

3. Make your custom home energy efficient now, save money later.

An energy-efficient home is much easier to attain with a new home. With a custom build, single women can install energy efficient appliances, solar panels, lights with motion sensors, smart thermostats and other features that lower energy costs over time and are friendly to the environment.

4. Custom homes offer peace of mind.

If you don’t like the idea of gambling with the condition of an existing home, we don’t blame you! You may not have the time or the desire to deal with contractors and repairs. With a new home you can choose the quality of materials and the builders you work with, which can help you avoid problems down the line. NewHomeSource offers sound advice for choosing a custom homebuilder, including key questions to ask a potential homebuilder.

5. Add safety features from the get go.

Safety is often a concern for single women living alone in a new home. Retro-fitting an alarm system post-construction can be an expensive hassle. With a custom home you can take care of all the details at once. Motion sensors and privacy windows with tinted or frosted glass are another popular safety feature with women who are building their own homes.

6. You can build where you want.

Location is one of the most important factors for would-be homeowners. Single women may want to be close to their job, school or family. They want a safe neighborhood and a central location in a good school district with entertainment, amenities, and medical facilities nearby. Others are relocating and find that the existing homes available in the marketplace don’t meet their needs.

For more information, read “How to Pick the Perfect Lot to Build a New Home On.”

7. Building your dream home is empowering.

Finally, many women simply feel a strong desire to own their own home. They want to build equity rather than pay rent. They want the independence that comes with owning a home and the intangible sense of pride that comes with knowing that you did this on your own. In the end, a custom home can be both a work of art, and a testament to your lifestyle and priorities.
Rebecca Rosenberg is an international digital media consultant and freelance writer.

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