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About TrustBuilder® Ratings & Reviews

Thank you for your interest in TrustBuilder Ratings and Reviews, powered by NewHomeSource. We are proud to be the best source in America for new homebuilder ratings and reviews submitted real homebuyers.

We are independent of homebuilders, meaning that you can trust that our reviews are not censored or specially selected. We give homebuilders the ability to review and respond, but not to hide, edit, or delete submissions.

We solicit reviews from a large cross-section of homebuyers, and each review is verified to ensure that the submitter has indeed purchased a home from the new homebuilder in the community specified. This ensures that reviews are honest and represent the true sentiment of new homebuyers.

To solicit reviews, we have agreements with builders across the country to receive complete lists of new homebuyers (builders do not select which buyers to send). We and our partners only use that information for the review process, it is never shared with anyone else.

Builders do not pay any fees to participate in our program.

How Our Process Works

We reach out to the homebuyers via email, asking them to write a review. If the buyer does not respond within one week, we send a follow-up reminder. If they don't respond within another week, we stop reaching out.

If the buyer does submit a review, we check to ensure it meets our guidelines to be published. Since we read every review, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day or so.

To ensure reviews are appropriate for our program, we have a few guidelines:

  • Please don't include personally identifiable information, like phone numbers.
  • Please don't mention or direct business to a competitor.
  • Please don't include threats, profanity, or inappropriate content.
  • Please don't mention legal matters.
  • Please don't include URLs or HTML.
  • Please ensure your review contains relevant information about the builder, house, or building process.

For the moment, we only accept reviews in English.

If a review does not meet our guidelines, we notify and explain to the reviewer, and ask them to rewrite and resubmit it.

Once a review is confirmed to meet our guidelines, the builder is notified of the new review and is given an opportunity to post a response. At the same time, the review goes through a publication process to post the review on (where the average score for the builder is also updated). This process can take up to 24 hours. Combined with the guideline check, it can take up to a couple days for a submitted review to appear on our web site. Builders may choose to contact you directly (via email, for example) about your review instead of (or in addition to) responding to the review publicly.

Once on our web site, ratings and reviews can be filtered by home market (for example, the Dallas/Fort Worth area) — but only if there are at least 10 reviews for that builder in that market. If there aren't enough, then the overall rating and list of reviews is shown. We are careful to point out which average rating and set of reviews are being displayed on our web pages.

Publishing Ratings and Reviews

In addition to being published on the website, aggregated and individual ratings and reviews may be published by builders, partners, and other BDX services on their web sites and/or social media channels in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Reviewer's selected nickname may be included with the reviews (unless the reviewer opted out of using a nickname during the review process). Neither full names nor email address will ever be published.

How to Contact Us

We are confident that if you are in the market to purchase a new home, our service will be valuable to you. If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you!